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selected illustrations

 Figures of the Ars demonstrativa
 Figures of the Ars brevis
 Complementary figures of the Art
 Selected illustrations

Ramon Llull’s will. Archive of the Castell de Vilassar de Dalt. Reproduction from an old photograph since the current owners do not permit consultation of the original document.
Ramon Llull’s signature: dedication of the Ars demonstrativa to the Doge of Venice, Pietro Gradenigo. Source: manuscript VI 200 from the Biblioteca Marciana in Venice.

Present-day view of the Monastery of Miramar, between Deià and Valldemossa, where Llull founded the first school for missionaries in 1276.
representation art

Symbolic representation of the Liber de ascensu et descensu intellectus, from an edition dating from 1512.

Tree of logical relations, from an edition of the Logica nova dating from 1512.
Idealised Lullian landscape, from an edition of the Ars inventiva veritatis dating from 1515.

The legend of Llull’s martyrdom in Tunis, from an edition of the Ars inventiva veritatis dating from 1515.
eviternal tree
Representation of the Eviternal Tree from the Tree of Science, taken from an edition of 1505.

Idealised portrait of Ramon Llull, from an edition of the Apostrophe Raimundi from 1504.
philip IV
Ms. lat. 3323 of the Bibliothèque Nationale of France, Liber natalis pueri parvuli Christi Iesu (1311), f. 2r. The miniature shows Llull offering the volume to King Philip IV, le Bel.

Ms. A.268.inf of the Biblioteca Ambrosiana of Milan, the copying of which, according to its colophon, was finished in Mallorca in April of 1280 by the priest Guillem Pagès.

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