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Data Base / Dictionary

The Ramon Llull Database (Llull DB) is an electronic bibliographical tool designed to organise, systematise and facilitate the exhaustive consultation of all information relating to the extensive written corpus of this Majorcan author, to the even more extensive list of works attributed to him over time and on works by Lullist authors or bearing some relation to Ramon Llull. The enormous amount of information which it contains as well as the benefits it offers to the user make it an exceptional tool in the field of on-line bibliographies regarding major authors, whether Catalan or international. It was created by Anthony Bonner and developed within the Centre de Documentació Ramon Llull of the University of Barcelona, by a team of collaborators, assisted by a number of different institutions. Access is free from the internet and its resources are presented both in Catalan and in English.

The Nou Glossari General Lul·lià (NGGL) is an online resource permitting access to the enormous lexical corpus of Ramon Llull’s Catalan works. It is the work of Miquel Colom and was originally published in five volumes (Palma: Editorial Moll, 1982-1985); the online version, developed at the Centre de Documentació Ramon Llull, improves, extends and updates the original dictionary. It also includes the Diccionari de definicions lul·lianes by Anthony Bonner and Maria I. Ripoll (Barcelona / Palma: Universitat de Barcelona / Universitat de les Illes Balears, 2002), which brings together some 600 definitions of terms from Llull’s own system, the Art, as well as those from medieval philosophy and theology which appear in both his Catalan as well as his Latin works.